5 Ways To Survive Working From Home in the Summer

School is out, Summer is in! Hooray. The arrival of summer always brings happy kids in our house but it also means the schedule we had during the school year is out the window. It can be challenging to create new routines that allow you to work on your business or side business and also enjoy the summertime with your kids, especially if you work from home.

We’ve compiled five tips to help you have a great summer and still accomplish your goals with your business or side business!

1) StrongStart Your Morning

Just because your kids sleep in doesn’t mean that you should! The morning is a great time to get up and take control of your day, before the kids wake up! Our favorite Master Coach, Lyn Christian, is the master at taking charge of her day, and it starts with her Strong Start ritual that includes 5 steps. Watch her video on how to put this into action!

  • Practice a moment of gratitude
  • Practice 1 to 2 minutes of stillness or meditation
  • Plan out your day
  • Practice 1 to 2 minutes of gentle and easy movement or stretching
  • Give yourself 1 to 5 minutes of creative time

2) Set a Schedule

Just like your schedule was important to you during the school year, a schedule is perhaps even more crucial during the summer.

Kids thrive on schedules. Set ‘working hours’ where your kids know when you are working. Sit down at the beginning of each week and show them the schedule. It helps them know what to expect for the week. And make sure to really try and shut things off when you aren’t working. The way you will stay sane is by focusing on work during your work hours and focusing on your kids when you’re not working.

Also try scheduling your work hours before they wake or after they go to bed. I wake up two hours before my kids do. It’s amazing how much work I can get done while the house is quiet!

3) SisterUp – Trade Off Days

Yes, we’ve told you SisterUp is a verb… but really. SisterUp in the summer with other moms who have kids that are similar ages to your kids and offer ‘trade-off days’. It’s always easier to get things done when you know your kids are having fun with other kids. Find a few moms that are also looking for days during the summer to get their work done and take turns hosting all of the kids. These can be your most productive days where you can plan client meetings, create content, or just have a moment for yourself. And remember to put it on the calendar.

4) Set Up Stations for Your Kids

Just like you have work sessions, set up work stations for your kids. These stations could be crafts, reading, electronics. They have 20 minutes at each station. Set a timer and when it goes off they rotate to the next station. It gives you one hour of focused time to do what you need to do! Short bursts of focused energy is a good way to get things done!

5) Help Your Kids Start a Business

When kids have something to occupy their time, they don’t have time to say ‘I’m bored!’ Help your kids start their own business. It could be a lemonade stand, a toy stand, an online store, dog walking business! My oldest boy (he’s 7), went through all of his toys and decided to start a toy stand. Instead of selling lemonade (where he needs my help to make it), he sells his favorite ‘guys’ for $.25. he sits outside on our driveway for hours, just waiting for his customers to come purchase. He is so excited when he walks inside having sold $1 worth of toys!

Bonus Tip: Plan a Vacation! 

We all need a vacation in life and it doesn’t even need to be to a far-off tropical place. Plan a vacation for the family. It could be camping, a road trip, or a staycation.  Our kids love when we pack up and go stay at a local hotel with a pool for a night. We all need something to look forward to and a vacation is just the thing. On your vacation, try to disconnect and enjoy life with the family!

We want to know your tips for surviving the summer working with kids! Share your tips in the comments below!

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