At SisterUp, we believe you are uniquely qualified to make an impact in the world – both in your business and personal life. But In order to do that, you need a roadmap to start or grow your existing business.

If you are like us, when we started, you’re terrified of failing and wonder if you’re cut out for all of this. We get it, we’ve been there. We’ve been in situations where we’ve felt unsure of our next steps and can’t tell you how many times we have failed before we succeeded.

With over 35 years of combined PR and marketing experience, we know what it takes to connect with customers and get your business growing. We believe you should have the opportunity to uncover the unique set of tools you have to connect with customers and grow the business of your dreams.

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Meet the Founders


I’m a quick learner, a go-getter, a humor-loving, mother, friend, sister and wife… and a lot more. I believe women are multi-faceted, powerful human beings who CAN have the life they want.

I started my professional life almost 20 years ago in New York City at a Public Relations firm. Since then I’ve been blessed with amazing career adventures — from working overseas to running my own PR firm to being the Press Chief for the Salt Lake Olympics and to being an executive at a Fortune 500 Company.

I have a thing for “keeping it in the family” because I started a production company in Los Angeles more than a decade ago with my husband, Michael. We’ve been fortunate enough to build a successful film and commercial business.

Cheerleading and supporting women to find that thing that ignites their soul is what makes my heart dance. Like “running-man -spirit-fingers” type of dance. I am dancing through life with my husband and three daughters (9, 6 and 16 months).


I’m a problem solver, worker bee, who believes we can accomplish anything we put our mind to.  Give me three minutes with someone and I will know their life story. A born connector, I love hearing people’s stories and, even more, I love helping women see themselves for the amazing people they are.

At the age of 21, I traveled with the 2002 Olympic Torch Relay as the spokesperson. I then spent over 15 years as one of very few women executives in the ski and adventure lifestyle industry. I know what it means to fight to ‘have a seat at the table.’ During this time, I launched a division of the company focused on partnerships where I secured and oversaw $15MM in partnership revenue with some of the largest global brands including Coca-Cola, Under Armour, GoPro, Subaru, and more.

My real passion has always been connecting and building people up. I am on a mission to build a community that empowers women and helps them believe they can do anything! SisterUp is an action focused on exactly that! On any given weekend, I can be found skiing or biking with my awesome team of boys: My husband and two boys (7 and 5).