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5 Tips on How to Be Your Biggest Cheerleader and Build Self Confidence

We are our own worst critics or our biggest cheerleaders. We all experience both of these, but I can tell you from experience, I am a lot happier when I am my biggest cheerleader and when I am building self-confidence.


Paralyzed by Fear

From the outside, I appeared to have it all. I was a successful high-level female executive. I was making the big bucks. I had a luxury company car. I was traveling all over the country on a company expense account, meeting with amazing people. I put the big smile on my face but inside I […]


10 Nutrition Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

“The will is a powerful asset of the human mind, which enables us to reach goals and fulfill desires” – Bas Verplanken For an entrepreneur, willpower is essential. It drives us to reach our goals. It enables us to maintain discipline, dedication, and desire. But very often, the discipline that motivates us to be so […]