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I am a fully certified, heavily credentialed coach who specializes in working with the entrepreneurial and or free-agent thinker – the breed of individual who needs a blend of life-coaching, executive coaching and business coaching.

This means I typically work with the innovators, inventors, creators, and rebels. Over the past five years this client base started calling me a Bad Ass. I was intrigued with this concept of a “Bad Ass” and wanted to really understand what created this perception of me. I investigated and started to learn that it probably had less to do with how much I could lift in the gym, and more to do with how I lived my life.

I jumped in and did some sleuthing. It turns out that one of the distinguishing factors of Bad Assness is the sort of work that they do. To clarify, we all produce three sorts of work:

First, there’s bad work: work that is a waste. When we do bad work it feels much like what we experience when finishing an encounter with a passive aggressive person. Bad work leaves us feeling worse off and we can’t exactly put our finger on how come.

Next, there’s good work: work which is useful and productive. Sometimes it is interesting work and sometimes it is mundane and we do it because it is profitable – it brings home the bacon.

Finally, there’s great work. Bad Asses focus on doing it because it is meaningful, impactful and finds us functioning in a flow zone. When we complete great work it inspires, stretches, provokes and like a Bad Ass, it makes a difference.

So Bad Asses produce great work.

Now while I’m aware that at SoulSalt we strive to produce great work, I also sensed there was more to the puzzle than the type of work we were doing.

I questioned what it was, and even wondered if there was a Bad Ass gene. I found out there was not. But what I did find was that most of the elements that make a person become a Bad Ass are the very elements I use in my coaching practice. I refer to them as an individual’s SoulSalt.

One of the very first concepts we work on when someone engages me or my company is the “Be True” exercise. The exercise starts with the knowledge that the human body has bones and muscle, which provide structure. When bone and muscle is moved in bio-mechanically alignment, we stay structurally “true”. When we are structurally “true” we can do amazing feats.

Exoterically, we all have a similar alignment system that runs through our soul like a pure strand of truth.

Bad Asses somehow know this or find this out. We discover the strands of our own plumb line and live in alignment with it…as much as is humanly possible. And when we live with this congruence, we can do amazing feats. Our lives become filled with more peace of mind and more stability. Every project, every decision works out for the better because we are standing true to the one thing that always produces integrity.

How can you be a badass? Know your plumb line and live it! That’s the start.

I joined Krista from the SisterUp team for #WallSitWednesday, on Wednesday, April 12 at 9:30 am MST. We talked about how to ‘Be True’. You can watch the video on SisterUp’s Facebook Page.

Lyn Christian is a Master Certified life and business coach based in Salt Lake City, Utah, working locally and internationally. She supports entrepreneurs, revolutionaries and anyone else who wants to be a Badass and needs support with their working identity. 

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