Paralyzed by Fear

From the outside, I appeared to have it all. I was a successful high-level female executive. I was making the big bucks. I had a luxury company car. I was traveling all over the country on a company expense account, meeting with amazing people. I put the big smile on my face but inside I was dying.

I had started my corporate career at the age of 21. I had always had the “cool” jobs:

  • I travelled as a spokesperson for the Salt Lake Olympic Torch Relay.
  • I handled PR for the Salt Lake 2002 Olympics.
  • I was one of the youngest female marketing executives for one of the top three ski resorts in North America.
  • I travelled around the world putting together multi-million dollar partnerships with the world’s biggest brands.

I had started to identify my self-worth by “what I did” and not by “who I was.” When you saw past all the ‘worldly’ accolades I had, you would see I had lost connection. I had lost connection with my family. I had lost connection with my friends. But most importantly, I had lost connection with myself.

After 15 years, I knew I had to start writing my own story but I was paralyzed by FEAR. One day I got brave. One day I listened to that little whisper and I said ‘I hear you.’

The thing is that I have NEVER doubted my ability to be successful. What I feared was what would others think? I had always been Krista who had an ‘AMAZING’ job. Would people still be interested in me if my job didn’t provide them with pro-athlete sightings and free ski tickets?

My fear gradually turned away from what people would think of me to what would happen if I didn’t listen to that voice. I started to fear what my life would be like if I didn’t make the change and leave my career to start my own business. I wasn’t sure how I would make it but in more than a year ago I made the jump and I thank God every day that I did. My relationships with my family are being rebuilt. My relationship with myself has changed and I’m the happiest I have been in a long time.

Zig Ziglar says that there are two definitions for the acronym F.E.A.R.

Fear Everything and Run 


Face Everything And Rise

Which one will define you?


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