Q & A with SoulSalt Founder Lyn Christian

This may be one of the columns that we are most excited about. Every week we will be bringing you a new Q&A with an inspirational Women Entrepreneur.

This week we talked with Lyn Christian, founder of SoulSalt. Krista Parry, co-founder of SisterUp, first discovered Lyn when she was looking for support in making the decision to leave her corporate job that she had been an executive at for 15 years. As a Life Coach Lyn drew upon her training in positive psychology and strength-based performance to guide Krista in making decisions that aligned with her core values.

We knew right away that Lyn would be someone we would want to introduce to the SisterUp Nation.


How did you find that idea that started your business? Where were you at in life when you started your business?

It actually took some time. I tried my hand at Real Estate, a MLM and some other smaller business ideas until I was coached during a career transition. Even then I didn’t expect to become a coach,  just wanted to better understand all the cool stuff coaches knew so I studied it, found I was good at it. I even loved doing it AND the world sort of opened up and liked the idea of utilizing coaching. When I moved from part-time coaching to full-time coaching I actually walked away from a Director level position in a corporate setting.

How did you know your business idea was something that you were going to make happen?

I did it from 1998 to 2004 on the side as a test. It just kept growing and my success at it did as well.

What was the biggest fear you had to overcome to take that first step?

Well this step occurred when I finally let go of the benefits and “safety” of an organization and went out on my own. The biggest fear was being able to do it on my own – to succeed. 18 months later I was making more in a 1/4 of a year than I did with my previous annual salary.

What is the biggest fear you are still knocking down every day to keep your business moving forward?

I believe it is that little voice outside oneself that whispers once in a while that: You’re it kiddo. You are the machine, the brain, the only one keeping this place running as it is. That’s a lot on your plate…think you can keep it up? What if…?

I have build in systems and practices so that pesky and useless voice stays far away and very tiny. It arises because I’m human. And…it doesn’t get in the front door

Who has been your biggest cheerleader?

Our clients, my family, my partner, people like the SisterUp team and  of course my one and only employees, Shannon Dee and Jessica Draper.

Who was your first client or first sale? Do you remember how much your first sale was? 

Gosh my first clients were on scholarships and paid only $25 dollars a month. I was still in school and in training so I didn’t charge much…just enough to feel I was not giving the coaching away for free. This helped me value it and the clients value it. One person was a dear cousin of mine and the other was a neighbor.

What is something you do for self-care?

The list is long. This is primary for being good at life and work. I do a Morning Strong Start program everyday, I train for competitive sports, I eat close to the Whole30 way of life, I get about 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night. I have an evening ritual that keeps my mind into a down-trained and quiet mode prior to bed. I work on my primary relationships to keep those running smooth.

How do you balance work with your relationships (Family, friends, etc.)?

I have time to work hard and time to play and just be. My life is patterned into a flow of equalibrium. I take time off for weekends and weeknights. I go on regular vacations.

What do you hope your children are learning from you?

To be full of integrity, courage, focus and strength. To be the best version of themselves they can be and to be loving and compassionate to self and others.

What advice would you give women just starting out?

Get a team of “believers” around you and have people on this team who will love you no matter what and are not afraid to throw the bullshit flag on things they see in your blindspot.

What’s on the horizon for SoulSalt?

For me it is my second book getting published and our online presence to grow so we can influence even more people to become their powerful, badass self.

What is your go-to singing –  top of your lungs, windows – down in a car song? 

Oh that’s a great one. Right now it is: Fighter by Christina Aguilera…can’t really pinpoint why. It just gives me a charge and positive boost.

Hear more insight and wisdom from Lyn at SisterUp’s One-Day Workshop in Salt Lake City on Saturday, April 22. Space is limited and tickets are selling fast! Purchase yours today!

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