5 Tips on How to Be Your Biggest Cheerleader and Build Self Confidence

We are our own worst critics or our biggest cheerleaders. We all experience both of these, but I can tell you from experience, I am a lot happier when I am my biggest cheerleader and when I am building self-confidence.

Recently I attended a conference where Nicole Richie was the keynote speaker. She talked a lot about being “your authentic self.” Her number one tip for female entrepreneurs..

“We need to be the first ones to believe in ourselves.”

Here are five tips to implement so you can “Believe in Yourself”’

1)   The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves are usually just that. Stories . When we actually speak our stories we find that we’ve been writing ‘fictional’ books about ourselves instead of the truth. Speak your story out loud.

2)   Start a ‘Cheerleading’ book. Find one thing a day to celebrate about your journey. Write it down in a notebook. It can be as little as getting up in the morning early to workout or maybe it’s that you finally had the courage to email that person you’ve always wanted to connect with. No matter, what it is, write it down.

3)   Silence the critic in your head. When you hear the critic voice say you can’t do XYZ or you’re not good enough for XYZ, stop it. Say out loud, “I am enough.” That’s all you need to say. Shut that critic down!

4)   Ask what you are good at. – Imagine if we talked to our best friend the way we talked to ourself? We probably wouldn’t have any friends. Ask those closest to you five things that they think you are good at. When your inner critic starts speaking to you, pull out this list and say them out loud!

5)   Sing a Song. – Do you have your anthem song? I am a big believer in music and when I’m singing along to my favorite song, it just puts me in a good mood. Find your ‘cheerleading’ anthem song and blast it loud! When I finally decided to leave my executive position and to start my own company, I played “Fight Song” on repeat for three months (and I still do). I turn it way up and sing it at the top of my lungs! I’ve done this so much that any time this song comes on my five year old son says “mom, this is your song” while the two of us sing it at the top of our lungs!

Practice these five things and as Journey says, “Don’t stop believing, hold on to that feeling…”

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